Our Approach

Our Approach

Plan and Research

Our goal is to collect and analyze data, to understand the customer’s expectations, needs and their tasks.  At the end of this phase, we create a UX strategy roadmap, which helps us make informed decisions and guides the design and development phase.


Test and Validate

We employ an agile testing process that identifies user requirements and any gaps upfront through customer involvement allowing you to get the user interface right before you build.  Through our UX Group, we leverage various tools, applications, and partners to validate directly with your customers.


Design and Develop

In the design and development phase, we work with customers and business stakeholders to create interactive and creative models. This phase identifies the frustration points and visualizes the outcome of the design solution allowing us to explore and design for users’ tasks’ needs and wants.


   Tremendous savings are realized when you map out the user experience before you begin building. Estimates will be 50% more accurate.


Understanding the digital experience across the digital ecosystem.

Customers are likely exposed to multiple messages before actively deciding to select a product and become a customer. An enhanced model measures the contribution that each channel has on driving a conversion.

We look to explore the following areas:

  •  Multiple device customer touch points
  •  Omni-channel approach
  •  Customer experience mapping

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Evidence-based research

Good UX research is all about gaining a better understanding of what your customer want.

Year-over-year increase in client retention from businesses that adopt an omni-channel strategy
UX approach reduces re-development time
Reduction in support costs when you employ usability testing
Companies with highly effective UX have an increased revenue

Our Group Members

UXDGroup brings together specialized user experience (UX), brand and digital marketing experts who are passionate about what customers really want and are trying to achieve.

Marilyn WhittinghamSenior Digital Director/UX Consultant (UXD Group)


With over 15 years of experience in customer experience design and digital marketing. I work closely with clients to translate their strategic roadmaps into effective customer journeys that achieve key business results.  I have developed and delivered innovative digital and user experience solutions for global and Canadian organizations. In all cases, I have helped to transform their businesses by delivering engaging end user, brand, and digital solutions.


Andrew CarterSr. Web Developer (Resource Lounge)


Andrew Carter has been developing websites professionally since June of 2000 working primarily for advertising agencies in Toronto, ON, in full time and now freelance positions. His association with advertising agencies has allowed him to work on a wide variety of projects for clients ranging from major banks like TD Canada Trust  to non-profit organizations such as the Institute for Canadian Citizenship.


Mike FrisnkeyLead Content Strategist (Tap In Marketing)


Mike collaborates with business and marketing/communications professionals on a wide spectrum of projects and assignments, playing a key role in the strategizing, development and execution of their marketing initiatives. His experience is wide and varied; it includes both B2B and B2C accounts in categories such as automotive, retail, packaged goods, telecom and, tourism.